About this Project


The EVD Outbreak Portal website is a result of a coordinated effort of Independent Social PerformanceHabitat Health Impact Consulting, and IBIS West Africa. It was constructed for the project by David Schwartz.

Independent SP - West Africa IBIS - West Africa Cordaid Habitat

The EVD Outbreak Portal supports an active rapid research project called “Understanding the Socio-Economic and Health Consequences of the Ebola Outbreak on Mining Host Communities in Sierra Leone.”

The website aggregates news articles from local, national and international news sources (full list to be provided in the near future) filtered through a simple 3-tier keyword/phrase structure:

1st Tier

‘Country’ (Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea, Nigeria, DRC) + ‘Ebola’

2nd Tier

Country and Health: ‘Ebola’ +  [+Country] – extractives keywords
Country and Extractives: ‘Ebola’ + ‘Extractives’ [+Country]

3rd Tier

Country and Mining: ‘Ebola’ + ‘Mining’ [+Country]
Country and Oil and Gas: ‘Ebola’ + ‘Oil and Gas’ [+Country]


The website continuously crawls the web and updates itself constantly. While articles are presented in partial text with links to the original sources, the full text of the article is being privately archived in the website database for future reference and potentially for discourse analysis. This website does not generate profit, and is providing relevant media links for Ebola in West Africa. All article links direct to source website. All publishers retain original copyright.

Please take into account that this site has yet to be fully optimized and as a result there may be the occasional ‘false positive’ article. Should the database be used for future discourse analysis, please be aware that the articles will likely require a manual confirmation of the each article being appropriate for the data set.

If you are a post-graduate researcher and interested in conducting a discourse analysis using the articles collected by this site, please contact us to discuss.

If you have any questions or comments about this website, please contact Independent Social Performance at contact@independentsp.com