Ebola and Oil and Gas in the DRC

UN Vows To Improve Security In DRC

… of Congo’s government to help improve security in the country’s east, where attacks by rebels are affecting efforts to contain an Ebola outbreak.

Russia denounces US withdrawal from nuclear treaty

… told Russian state media that the kingdom has “no intention” of cutting off oil … Violence this weekend in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has again put … The DRC’s Ministry of Health reports that rebels in the Rwenzori … it matters: The DRC has reported more than 200 confirmed cases of Ebola …

Ebola in the DR Congo? That’s Not the Real Tragedy

But the DR Congo’s really bad luck is that its Ebola outbreaks are not the … If Ebola cases got onto the river, they could be in Kinshasa (estimated … to its estimated $24 trillion in reserves of oil, coltan, cobalt and other mineral wealth.