Ebola and Mining in Liberia

Containing the Latest Ebola Outbreak

Last month, a rebel attack in Beni, the epicenter of the ongoing Ebola outbreak … politics, shifting allegiances, and underhanded mining deals that fuel the conflict. … successfully during conflicts in Somalia, Afghanistan, and Liberia.

Everything you need to know about Ebola

(NEW YORK) — The current Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the … Among those cases, 284 have tested positive for Ebola virus disease, … and soon spread to neighboring Liberia and Sierra Leone, was the largest in …

Welcome to the First War Zone Ebola Crisis

The signs of a coming Ebola crisis are mounting. … the sort of global response that belatedly resolved the epidemics in Liberia, Sierra … This is Congo’s 10th battle with Ebola, and its Ministry of Public Health has many … with diamonds, gold, and other gem and mineral wealth extracted from Congo.