Polio programme helps response to meningitis outbreak in Nigeria

Source: Global Polio Eradication Initiative Country: Nigeria Polio programme staff from across Nigeria have joined efforts to combat a meningitis outbreak in Sokoto, providing support and expertise in epidemic response. Polio staff in Nigeria have contributed emergency response expertise in Sokoto State In early May 2017, polio programme staff from across Nigeria joined efforts to […]

Experts race to quell Ebola outbreak in remote DR Congo province

Source: UN News Service Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo Twenty cases of Ebola have been reported in the DRC’s Bas Uele Province. Two have been confirmed by laboratory tests and three people have died so far, the WHO says. 18 May 2017 – A race against the clock has begun to contain an outbreak of […]

RD Congo : Plus de 23 500 nouveaux déplacés en une semaine dans le Kasaï


Source: UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs Country: Angola, Democratic Republic of the Congo Des risques épidémiques importants sont rapportés en raison de l’effondrement du système de surveillance épidémiologique consécutif à la fuite du personnel soignant vers les grandes villes. Ce rapport a été produit par OCHA RD Congo en collaboration avec les […]

Le Coordonnateur Humanitaire lance une alerte sur les prémices d’une nouvelle crise humanitaire en Centrafrique

Source: UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs Country: Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo Plus de trois mille personnes ont été déplacées par des attaques perpétrées depuis le 13 mai dans un quartier de la ville de Bangassou essentiellement habité par une population musulmane. Bangui, le 15 mai 2017 – La […]

Ebola virus disease – Democratic Republic of the Congo (the)

On 9 May 2017, WHO was informed of a cluster of undiagnosed illness and deaths including haemorrhagic symptoms in Likati Health Zone, Bas Uele Province in the north of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), bordering Central African Republic. Since 22 April, nine cases including three deaths have been reported. Six cases are currently […]

Ebola Confirmed in DRC, MSF to Launch Emergency Intervention


Field news Ebola Confirmed in DRC, MSF to Launch Emergency Intervention May 12, 2017 One case of Ebola has been confirmed by the World Health Organization (WHO) in the Likati Health Zone of Bas-Uele Province in the north of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). A total of nine cases, including three deaths so far, […]

La RD Congo toujours en proie à des maladies épidémiques


Source: UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo Alors qu’au moins un nouveau cas suspect de choléra ou de rougeole est rapporté tous les deux jours dans le pays, l’OMS a déclaré aujourd’hui 12 mai une épidémie d’Ebola dans la zone de Likati, Province du Bas-Uélé. FAITS SAILLANTS […]

Célébration en Guinée du succès du vaccin anti-Ebola

Source: World Health Organization Country: Guinea L’essai de vaccination en anneau, mené par l’OMS en Guinée en 2016, montre que le premier vaccin au monde contre le virus Ebola confère une protection substantielle. «Le monde est bien mieux préparé s’il devait y avoir une nouvelle flambée d’Ebola», a déclaré aujourd’hui le Dr Margaret Chan, Directeur […]

La Guinée se bat contre une importante épidémie de rougeole

Source: Médecins Sans Frontières Country: Guinea Moins d’un an après la fin officielle de l’épidémie Ebola, le système de santé guinéen continue de lutter. MSF lance une large campagne de vaccination contre la rougeole en collaboration avec le gouvernement. Moins d’un an après la fin officielle de l’épidémie Ebola, le système de santé guinéen continue […]

UNDP’s Human Development Report: Many left behind in sub-Saharan Africa


Source: UN Development Programme Country: World Despite improvements across all regions from 1990 to 2015, one in three people worldwide continue to live in low levels of human development, according to UNDP. Many left behind by human development progress in sub-Saharan Africa, UNDP Report finds Women, girls, youth, the unemployed, people living in rural areas […]

Three years on, Ebola survivors in Guinea still need support


Source: ALIMA Country: Guinea Many survivors continue to suffer from physical and mental health problems. ALIMA is calling on actors to support Ebola survivors and their families with medical care and psycho-social support. N’ZEREKORE/DAKAR, March 17, 2017 – Three years after the Ebola outbreak was first declared by Guinea’s Ministry of Health, many survivors continue […]

Red Cross responds to measles outbreak in Guinea


Source: International Federation of Red Cross And Red Crescent Societies Country: Guinea Being nearly overwhelmed by Ebola Virus Disease outbreak during the period of 2014-2016, health workers could hardly implement prevention activities for other diseases. A. Situation analysis Description of the disaster With a population of 10,628,9992 inhabitants according to the 2014, general population census, […]

Ebola’s Aftermath: A West Africa Update


Ebola’s Aftermath: A West Africa Update February 23, 2017 With the publication of the new book The Politics of Fear: Médecins Sans Frontières and the West African Ebola Epidemic, MSF provides a deeper reflection around the response to the outbreak in 2014-2015. What was the motivation for some of the response decisions? Were there effective medical […]

How West African communities beat the Ebola epidemic

Source: IRIN Country: Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone “People’s Science” helped to cut the numbers of infected as people in the affected areas used their experience and common sense to work out what was happening and changed their behaviour accordingly. Three years on from the start of the West African Ebola epidemic, lessons are still being […]

UNICEF’s impact in five of the most dangerous crises

Source: UN Children’s Fund Country: Iraq, Nigeria, South Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, World, Yemen These included the Syrian crisis, the Nigeria regional crisis, Yemen, South Sudan and Iraq. In December, UNICEF marked its 70th anniversary. 2016 was a year of challenges and upheaval across the globe. The ongoing migration and refugee crisis has uprooted nearly […]

2016: The year Zika evolved from an emergency into a long-term public health challenge

Source: World Health Organization, Pan American Health Organization Country: Brazil, French Polynesia (France), Micronesia (Federated States of), World By the end of 2016, 48 countries and territories of the Americas had reported more than half a million suspected cases of Zika, with 22 reporting some 2,500 cases of congenital syndrome associated with the virus. By […]

What are aid groups’ priorities for 2017? – Expert views

Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation Country: Cameroon, Chad, Ethiopia, Iraq, Kenya, Niger, Nigeria, occupied Palestinian territory, Somalia, South Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, Uganda, World, Yemen After a year of record humanitarian needs, 2017 looks set to be even more challenging. The Thomson Reuters Foundation asked aid agencies to name their three priorities for 2017 After a […]