Ebola and Health in Nigeria

Nigerian Children And The Threat Of Measles

This is way higher than other scary viruses like Ebola and HIV. With Ebola, one case usually leads to two others while in the case of HIV; one case leads to another four. A person with measles can cough in a room, and — if you are unvaccinated — hours later, you could catch the […]

Children and the threat of measles

Though there has been a substantial decline in global measles death, Nigeria is still up on the chart of number of children not vaccinated against measles. Nigeria tops the list … like Ebola and HIV. With Ebola, one case usually leads to two others while in the case of HIV, one case leads to another […]

WHO deploys personnel to contain Lassa fever outbreak in Nigeria

The World Health Organisation in Nigeria says it has deployed Polio personnel to rapidly contain the outbreak of Lassa fever in more than 18 states. … workers have provided front line support for outbreak response, adding polio workers were essential to containing the Ebola virus outbreak in 2014.

Nigeria hit by unprecedented Lassa fever outbreak

Is it simply better disease surveillance in the wake of Ebola, the similar but more deadly disease that began its rampage across West Africa in 2014? Has the virus changed in some way? Are there more of the rats that carry it, or are more rats infected with it? Or is another rat capable of […]

Deadly Lassa-fever outbreak tests Nigeria’s revamped health agency

An unprecedented outbreak of a deadly viral disease in Nigeria is showcasing the newfound might of the country’s public-health agency. Reforms put in place since a devastating Ebola epidemic struck West Africa in 2014 have transformed how Nigeria responds to infectious disease — including the …

Nigeria is still struggling with deadly Lassa fever

Nigeria is still fighting with the increasing cases of Lassa fever around the country. The battle with this unprecedented outbreak of Lassa fever which is linked with Ebola goes on. This has already become a cause of 110 deaths this year and the number can get more with the passage of time. The doctors …

Lassa fever claims 110 lives in Nigeria since January 2018

It is one of the worst outbreaks since 2016. The World Health Organisation last week said the epidemic had reached record highs with 317 laboratory confirmed cases and 72 people dead. Lassa fever belongs to the same family as Marburg and Ebola, two deadly viruses that lead to infections with fever, …

Nigeria struggling to contain dramatic spread of deadly Lassa fever

Nigeria is currently facing an unprecedented outbreak of Lassa fever, on two fronts: doctors struggling to contain the threat and health watchdogs still … rat faeces or urine but is less contagious than Ebola, thought it can also be passed from one person to another via contact with infected bodily fluids.