Ebola and Oil and Gas in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone News: New Ebola mobile lab at Lakka

Sierra Leone News: New Ebola mobile lab at Lakka As a result of concerns raised by residents of Lakka community, for Government not to establish an EBOLA treatment Centre in their community, Government decided to establish a treatment centre  within the environs of the present T.B and Leprosy Hospital, along the Goderich- Tokeh highway.At the […]

Emergency Preparedness: Considerations for Ebola and Future Disease Outbreaks in Sierra Leone

 – Friday 22 August 2014. Commentary By Mohamed Kanu, PhD, USA.* The magnitude of the current Ebola outbreak (largest recorded in the world so far) has left the Ministry of Health in Sierra Leone—and in other affected countries—scrambling for answers. To be clear, infectious diseases are not unique to developing countries, but the sometimes shaky public […]

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http://www.cnbcafrica.com/rss-feeds/top-stories Top stories en http://www.cnbcafrica.com/news/east-africa/2014/08/27/kenya-south-africa-visa/ Wednesday, 27 Aug 2014 13:05:00 CAT Kenya expects South Africa to reciprocate its easing of visa laws to citizens after it scrapped requirements for South Africans. The East African country suspended visa requirements for South African passport holders travelling to Kenya early this week, which were to be executed from […]